Tips On How To Write A Gun Control Research Paper

Guns have changed our world many times over. In previous times, our weapons were crude and often required physical effort to use. This meant that only highly trained and physically able individuals could achieve proficiency with these weapons. Firearms made it possible for anyone to wield deadly force against an opponent and so changed the balance of power in warfare. Countries that had the technology and resources to create large quantities of superior weaponry ultimately defeated less equipped opponents.

The present Era

In modern times, many governments have sought to control the availability of most weapons to the public and some limited amount of control is maintained. The ability to design and manufacture efficient guns, however, is no longer only possessed by governments but by individuals as well. Many countries also contain rebel groups and large scale organizations that seek to manufacture and sell arms illegally, finding ways to bypass regulations and laws set up by other countries.

Varied availability

In some countries, It is the right of every citizen to posses a firearm while in others it is illegal for regular citizens to posses one. In both cases, many illegal weapons are owned by unregistered individuals and pose a crime threat in both countries. It is difficult in both instances to locate and confiscate these weapons and different governments have tried different approaches.

There are many sides to this issue and it has proved itself problematic for many countries. Here are some tips that I hope will help you write a well structured research paper on this topic:

  1. Discuss the advantages of legal firearm possession
  2. Discuss the disadvantages of legal firearm possession
  3. Explore the situations that require possession of firearms
  4. Discuss why an individual may want to posses an illegal firearm
  5. Investigate how an individual may acquire access to these weapons
  6. Compare the difference in crime levels between countries with different policies
  7. Show which methods have been effective and discuss the situations that these successful methods were carried out.
  8. The average criminal can’t purchase a million dollar shipment of machinery. Discuss the possibility of corruption among high ranking officials being involved in smuggling activities for monetary benefits.
  9. There are rumors of large machine industries promoting criminal activities to maintain a market for their products. Explore this possibility.
  10. Summarize all of your data and present a possible working solution to the issue. Show which parties your solution affects the most and state which parties are likely to protest the measures you outline.

Writing Tips