Crafting an Outstanding Introduction for a Term Paper: the Best Writing Strategy

The first few lines of your paper can make or break you in terms of grading. If you write them well, they make the reader anxious to continue reading and see what else you have to say. If you write them poorly, the reader becomes prejudiced against you and even the most eloquently phrased points will be tainted by them. You can make yourself more likely to craft an outstanding introduction by following the instructions listed below.

Read the kind of writing you wish to emulate

You can source sample essays, papers and other research online and just read as much of them as you require to get a sense of the style. This is especially helpful because some sample are only available in summary or short samples that exclude the majority of the work. You would need to have a second opinion if you have difficulty determining which papers are introduced well and which are not. A smart friend would be useful in this instance.

Compile your points first

It may seem counterintuitive to you to write other parts of your paper before the introduction but this is quite often the best choice. By completing the rest of the essay first, you will have a clear idea of how the other parts relate to each other. Writing the paper in the order in which it will be read requires you to almost assume what the following pieces will contain. It’s easy to stray by doing this and you could end up having disparate parts that don’t seem to belong together in the slightest.

Write regularly

While matching the parts of your writing to each other is highly important you can still become a better crafter of introductions by writing as many of them as possible without completing a paper. Pick topics and do a basic outline but take special care in writing the first lines s if you were truly intent on submission. Even if this feels silly at first, it will work out any unfamiliarity you have with the process. You will get even better I you ask someone to look at these practice pieces and critique them honestly. In time your work will get better and better.

These tips can fit into the writing strategy you already use to allow you to write even more fluently and introduce all of your essays with ease.

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