A List of Great History Term Paper Ideas You Should Try Out

When it comes to history paper topics it is often best to stick with the great events of history that everyone remembers and give your own take on it or spin to it. Make it something that everyone still thinks about today but bring some of yourself to it so it isn’t the typical paper on the subject. Some of the greatest history topics are also some of the most horrible times in history. There is always a lot of information on them and they never go out of style. Just make sure you bring the topic to life with your own style.

Top History Topics

The Civil War

This was a time of great pain and suffering. The country was divided and family members were fighting against one another. This was one of the most important wars for America because it happened here in our country. There are plenty of different angles to write about.

The Holocaust

As a time of great tragedy and cruelty, this topic is a stain on the world’s history. You can write about what happened factually, about the people who survived and many more views of what happened. Maybe write about how all of these countries allowed such a tragedy to happen.


Slavery is a part of history that cannot be forgotten. You can write from any perspective you choose or just write the facts of what happened. This dark time still affects people today, which is another great way to go with a paper on the long term effects of a single choice made.


9/11 is possibly one of the most important topics to discuss because it happened right here in America, changing the lives of every single American in a single second. This tragedy happened because of a simple difference in beliefs. You can write so many different papers on just this one topic.

Presidential Assassinations

The assassination of an American president is a subject that lives on throughout the ages. Everyone will always remember every one because it hits so close to home. Writing about one of them can show how people will always fear the power of presidency or how misguided a person can become. It is all up to you.

Whatever you write about, make it your own. Don’t just state the cold hard facts of the matter but add something of yourself to it. Add what you think or feel, or how you see the event. Putting your own spin on a classic topic can make a great history paper.

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