Plant Physiology Research Paper Topics: 20 Good Suggestions

Students interested in plant physiology literally have the world as their laboratory. Because of this, the process of narrowing down an interesting and suitable research topic in this discipline can be quite daunting. Consider this list of 20 possible research topics in the area of plant physiology, however, as a way to simplify this task and to get out there to explore the diverse plant life existent on our planet. There are many different areas in the field of plant physiology that one can focus on, each coming with a plethora of topics that can be researched. These areas include, but are not limited to, the following: Carbon reactions within photosynthesis, light reactions during photosynthesis, plant cells, genome organization and gene expression, water and plant cells, the water glance of plants, and a host of others. Consider these specific topics below to begin your journey.

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