Top 10 Psychology Term Paper Ideas from an Experienced Writer

Picking a topic for your psychology term paper, you might get lost in the variety of fascinating options. The ten ideas below were selected by an experienced research writer to assist your choice.

  1. The mental impact of sparse job market on the college and university graduates.
  2. When the economy is contracting, even academically successful graduates might fail to get their first jobs. Many of them start feeling like all their studies were in vain and the best years of their lives were wasted. This problem might touch every graduate today, which makes it truly pressing. Identify the peculiarities of working with such patients, and offer an effective way of their treatment.

  3. The effects of Obamacare on psychological practice.
  4. This item is pretty self-explanatory. Investigate both positive and negative effects of Obamacare to psychological practice, and decide which have more weight.

  5. Personal counselors and medication prescription.
  6. A personal counselor is often the one who knows this particular patient best of all, including even his or her family. Paradoxically, in most states personal counselors have no right to prescribe medications. Take a stance on whether or not they should be allowed to do it, and defend your view with facts.

  7. The problem of “textbook diagnosing.”
  8. One of the most argued issues in today’s psychological practice is “textbook diagnosing.” Do you think modern counselors rely too much on printed sources and too little – on listening to their patient?

  9. The peculiarities of alcoholism in Native Americans.
  10. Instead of alcoholism, you may choose any other addiction, and instead of Native Americans – any other race. The main thing is to explore the relationship between a particular kind of brain structure and addiction development.

  11. The most efficient ways of treating borderline personality disorders.
  12. The effects of dreams to the development of human mind.
  13. The relevance of Carl Jung’s theories in today’s psychology.
  14. The mental impact of news.
  15. Choose an issue that is currently discussed in your local media. Conduct a case study of people in your neighborhood to find out how these news influence their perceptions of future or their personal safety.

  16. Your “therapeutic” topic.
  17. Psychology is probably the only discipline where you can produce a term paper that will not only get you a well-deserved A but also heal you. Write about an issue you might be having yourself, such as stress, eating disorder, or perfectionism. Your personal insights into combating this problem will make your paper truly unique, and also help you get over it.

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