Where To Look For A Research Paper Findings Section Example

One of the great things about the internet is the ability to find help with almost anything you need when it comes to writing. One of the keys to a successful paper is organization. It also helps to have good writing skills too of course.

When looking for an example of this part of your research paper, make sure you are looking for exactly what will match your assignment. For example, the findings section may have to be formatted differently with one style of writing than with another, like a social studies paper versus a business ethics paper.

All you need to do is go online and do a search for example papers or example research papers with findings sections. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find quite a few writing companies who offer this service at a low price. You may also be lucky enough to find some free high quality ones at educational websites that teach students how to write their papers.

Some things to keep in mind when writing your findings:

If your paper is a journal-style scientific paper there will be a standard and fairly strict structure you will be expected to adhere to. Because of this, it’s essential you only use an example paper that’s done in the exact style required by your specific assignment. The findings are sometimes referred to as the results. This section of your paper should be in a logical sequence, and objectively illustrate your key results without your interpretation of them. Save the interpretation part for the discussion section. You may include a statistical analysis, tables and figures relevant to your paper, and remember to give space for negative results as well. These should also be reported. Write as concisely and objectively as you can, using a passive voice and past tense.

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