Stay Away From the Most Popular Research Paper Topics

Are you looking for a top grade on your next research paper? A little originality can go a long way when it comes to selecting a subject for your assignment. Certain topics are very popular with students looking to get their research paper assignments out of the way. Some topics are a little too popular! Your instructor may not be thrilled to read another 10 essays detailing the research that shows that the earth is heating up, and the sea levels rising.

Here are some of the most common topics for research papers. If you still decide to go ahead with one of them on your next assignment, try to approach the subject from a unique, or even controversial angle. We will also suggest some alternative topics to consider, and tell you some that should be avoided at all costs!

Common To The Point Of Potentially Boring Your Course Supervisor

While few people would argue that it is vital we continue to understand and halt environmental degradation, some subjects have been done to death. These would include global warming, the greenhouse effect, rising oceans, desertification and the like. If you are bent on pursuing an environment related topic, find an original approach, or something happening that is cutting edge in the field.

Look into researching solutions to air pollution problems, as opposed to yet another paper that describes how car exhaust makes the air dirty. Dull!

Womens rights (abortion in particular) deserve attention, but make your paper stand out by taking an unconventional stand, or approach to a gender issue. For example, do lesbian couples have equal access to adoption opportunities, or do they get sent to the back of the line?

Try A New Twist On An Old Topic

Is there a philosopher, scientist or writer that you positively adore? Why not take a look at how his or her views and work has influenced the reality we live in today? Does Bach still have any influence on up and coming contemporary musicians? Are Newton's theories taught the same way today as when he was alive? How have they been tweaked to accommodate new discoveries?

Don't Even Think About It!

You will rarely get ahead by offending someone, so always pick a topic that shows some taste. A research paper that details how a young family was brutally murdered for example, is unlikely to win you any brownie points when it comes grading time. Use common sense, and check with your supervisor if you think you topic may be too hot for them to handle!

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