A List of Interesting Microbiology Term Paper Topics

Can’t think of an interesting topic for your microbiology term paper? Look at the following list of ideas. Some of them definitely will inspire you.

  1. Flu vaccinations.
  2. Study the statistics regarding flu epidemics in the recent years and determine how effective vaccinations truly are. You will also need to offer some information on vaccines in order to explain how they protect people from the virus. Offer some suggestions on how to reduce the number of people who fall sick with flu every year.

  3. Quorum sensing.
  4. This is a recently discovered method of communication between bacteria. You will need to do some thorough research, and seeing as there isn’t much material about this matter, you will need to go beyond yourself and try to contact the researchers directly. This project is difficult but it will be exciting and can earn you some precious recognition in school.

  5. Extreme environments: How do the creatures manage to survive?
  6. In this paper, “extreme” means way beyond human capabilities to survive in, like the bottom of the ocean or the insides of an active volcano. Some microorganisms manage to survive in such environments, and it will be your job to explain the readers how they manage to achieve this feat. You will also need to offer some ideas on how to use the properties of these incredible creatures to further the development of science.

  7. Life in the outer space.
  8. Does it exist? Do some research and tell people what kinds of organisms might be able to survive in the outer space, or if it’s even possible for such a thing to happen.

  9. Evolution of species.
  10. Choose one particular species of animal or plant life and trace its evolutions through the millennia. Explain every change.

  11. Antibiotic resistance.
  12. Identify the reasons that make some viruses and bacteria resistant to antibiotics and offer your own solutions to this problem.

  13. Are antibacterial products harmful?
  14. Today you can often hear that antibacterial products actually weaken your immune system. Explain whether this is true and calculate the risks of not using any antibacterial products.

  15. Good bacteria in your body.
  16. Define symbiotic relationships and name some bacteria that actually do some good to a human body. Tell the readers how they can monitor the level of these bacteria and list the health issues that can be caused by the absence of these microorganisms from your system.

  17. Avian flu.
  18. Provide some information about the disease and its potential destructive effect. Offer some ideas of the cure and prevention treatment.

  19. Bioterrorism today.
  20. Hypothesize on what kind of a terror act can be performed with the use of some biological weapons and develop efficient prevention and neutralization strategies.

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