Suggestions For Creating A Term Paper About Pollution

Mankind has categorized and developed solutions for most of the types of pollution the world is faced with, therefore, writing a term paper with this subject in mind should not be difficult. Listed below are some popular topics on the matter.

  1. Air Pollution.
  2. Pollution at the gaseous level has its challenges and specific protocols for containment or elimination. Items touched on could include the health issues affecting animals near cities or the thinning of certain plant life due to polluted fog and so on.

  3. The dynamic of thermal pollution.
  4. Thermal pollution was discovered long after most other types were already classified. Discuss methods to alleviate this type of pollution and show how enterprises and factories can adopt these methods.

  5. The orbital debris crisis.
  6. In this age of technology where venturing into space is possible, people are becoming aware of the negative effects of the accumulation of man made items orbiting just above the planet. Bring evidence to show if the litter can grow to saturation or not.

  7. Acid rain.
  8. Acid rain has been known to damage large areas of vegetation worldwide and there is lots of data on the causes and preventative measures used to curb or stop its occurrence.

  9. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions
  10. Carbon dioxide codes can be written to show how certain building materials erode when contact is made. Describe the effect on nature this gas would have if it continues to pollute the air.

  11. Agricultural waste and the water table.
  12. Write a study on the effects that animal waste and plant chemicals pose on the environment. Discuss how many farms still follow procedures that don’t provide proper waste disposal or containment. Expand on the diseases this type of pollution presents to mankind and other lifeforms.

  13. The crisis political turmoil places on the environment.
  14. Discuss how countries that are politically unstable deal with pollution. Describe the types of pollution they are faced with. Are there adequate medical facilities or services? Present solutions for pollution under these conditions.

  15. Has the social structure of modern man grown to disregard nature?
  16. Suggest ways in which the actions of people damage the environment. State through evidence whether or not society is naturally inclined to pollute the environment. Discuss the legislation in different countries concerning offenses like littering and irresponsible storage of household trash.

  17. Managing oil spills.
  18. Outline the process of getting an oil spill under control and detail the tools and chemicals used. Compare the use of standardized vs obsolete chemicals.

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