Useful Advice On How To Publish A Research Paper In International Economics

Publishing an international economics research paper in a reputable journal or at a conference is an extremely important achievement within the academic community. It gives validity to your work and elevates you to the status of an expert within the field as it relates to your individual subject or topic. The whole process of publication can be pretty confusing to first timers, so we’re providing this useful advice to you:

Choose a publication that works for you:

First off, you should have already checked to ensure that your study was original and not merely something that replicated somebody else’s work. This being said you will have a pretty good idea of what publications might be interested in your study. International economics is a broad field and can appeal to both a scholarly audience and a general one. Find the right fit.

Prepare your manuscript for submission:

Review the international economics publication’s requirements for research paper submissions. Make sure you understand every detail and format your work so that it fits the guidelines precisely. Pay attention to the little things like font, layout, length, etc. All of these things can greatly affect how your work is received during the review process.

Ask a colleague to review your work:

Providing both your formatted research paper as well as the submission guidelines, have a colleague review your work. They should look at the piece critically to offer advice for revising and editing, but also ask that they check to see that you have met the submission requirements exactly. It’s easy to miss small details when it’s your own work that is will be up for consideration.

Take recommendations and make revisions:

As someone in the position of writing and submitting a research paper for publication, you probably already know the importance of taking recommendations and making revisions accordingly. Don’t just make blind changes. Carefully think through every point that has been made by the person who reviewed your work and weigh whether it will improve upon it or whether your original will be more effective.

Submit the research paper per requirements:

Finally, double-check the submission guidelines. As soon as you are sure that you have satisfactorily met the requirements then go ahead and submit your work through the appropriate channels. Some places will allow you to submit online while others prefer that you submit hard copies. Follow these instructions exactly to ensure your international economics manuscript arrives to the right place.

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