How To Format A High School Research Paper Title Page

Research papers in high school usually are written in the MLA format and one of the things that is a must have is a title page. Creating a title page is very easy and it will take you only a few minutes to understand and execute the basics.

The first step involves creating the actual title page. You have to make the first page the title page and it involves writing the title of your research paper almost one third of the way down the page. It is important that the title follow the normal standards of capitalization for titles, where the first letter for each word needs to be capitalized with the exception of some really short words, including prepositions and articles. It is important to note that the first word of the title must be in capital no matter what kind of word it is.

No unnecessary punctuation

You should never commit the mistake of adding punctuation to the title of your paper. There is no need to add quotation marks around the title or underline the entire sentence to emphasize it. Moreover, you should avoid making the mistake of formatting the title in italics. However, if you are using a reference or quotation to a longer work in your title, you should ensure that the proper punctuation is present.

Presentation is key when it comes to formatting the title page and these instructions are standard for anyone writing a paper in high school. You should leave two to three lines before you write your name on the paper. You must remember to state both your first and your last name.

Free from cramped spaces

Then you need to add another two to three lines so that the entire title page looks neat and clean without any cramped spaces. You should remember to add the information regarding your class or course in high school. If you want, you can include the section number along with the name of the course but that is solely based on your discretion and there are no issues.

Right attribution

The next line of the title page should definitely contain the name of your instructor. Do ensure that the proper title is given, especially if the high school instructor has a doctorate. Manners are important.

The final step to completing the formatting of your paper title page is to put in the date in the next line. If you are using the MLA format, then you have to use a European style which covers the date, the day, the month and finally the year.

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