How To Come Up With Physics Research Paper Topics For College Students

Want to come up with physics research paper topics for your college students, but don’t know a systematic way to do it? If your class is upwards of 30 students then coming up with titles from the top of your head might not be the best approach. Read on for a few ways in which you can be systematic about the process:

Divide Into Sections

To ensure that the whole class receives a variety of assignments it’s a good idea to take a physics text book and assign topics equally from each of the different chapters. So if there are 30 students and 10 chapters you could provide 3 different topics from each chapter. A spread of topics decreases the chances of the students colluding in order to improve the quality of their work.

Online Research Paper Databases

At various online portals you’ll find large databases of physics research papers. These are the ideal places to look for topics your students could work on. The type of websites to visit for these databases include: college, public libraries and open source projects.

To reduce the chances of a student producing exactly the same research paper as one that you found you could slightly change the title. This step might require more time, but it’s worth taking.

Topics To Consider

Those who want a few topics to consider right now take a look at this list:

Offer A Choice

Once you do come up with a bunch of physics topics give your students a choice of which ones to take. A research paper should be completed on a subject that the student has a genuine interest in rather than being forced into something.

However, by having a setup where you give students a choice you might need to come up with a lot more research paper topics than there are students. This will take a lot longer, but it will be to the benefit of the students.

Writing Tips