How To Make A Good Research Paper Presentation: Guidelines For Students

When it comes to a research paper, there are different kinds of presentations. There is the oral presentation, the visual and, of course, the PowerPoint. Each of these works differently. For example, for an oral presentation you have to read it out loud whereas a PowerPoint will be mostly read on that program. Here are some guidelines for what to do for each kind of different presentation. They will be in the order they are listed above, and it will specify which kind is being talked about each time.


Know Your Research Paper by Heart

For an oral report, you want to know the whole paper and have it memorized. This is good for any kind of presentation but especially important to this kind. You want to be able to make good eye contact with your audience, and you cannot do so if you are reading word for word off paper. You should have a written version with you, but you shouldn’t have to use it much. Also, you want it to sound more conversational than just reading it sounds.

Use Visual Aids

You can use enlarged photos and flip through them but to do this you have to know really your paper well so that you don’t lose your place every time you flip to the next one. Slides work even better if you can get the right equipment. Be creative with your visuals, make them match what you are saying in a natural and fun way.

Use the Main Points

When doing a PowerPoint, you want the main points of what you are saying to appear on the screen. You can use fun colors to make it look better, and you can even use clip art or photos to enhance it for the audience. Usually, people utilize bullet points that come up as you cover that part of the paper. This works well.

Doing a presentation on a research paper can be hard but you get out of it whatever effort you put into it. You will get better grades if you put more thought and effort into the planning and execution of your report. Hopefully, these guidelines will help you. Make sure that whatever you do, it is engaging and interesting for the people listening.

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