Excellent Research Paper Topics About Computers: 25 Exclusive Ideas

If you want to write an excellent research paper about computers consider the 25 ideas below:

  1. Craft a paper which explores simplified data processing

  2. you can craft the paper that explores the use of hacking both ethical and unethical

  3. Write a paper which explores the use of information retrieval in computing

  4. you can focus your particular assignment on distance education and how computers have allowed that industry to flourish

  5. You can craft a paper which explores computer crimes

  6. you can review the use of electronic mail not just to communicate a faster rate but also to market new materials at a near constant rate

  7. You can review current computer viruses and the negative effects that they have on individuals and national security

  8. you can craft a paper which explores Internet marketing and how computers have contributed to the growth of this industry

  9. You can explore digital imaging and how it has been used in an industry of your choice

  10. you can research Internet pornography and how it has changed over the last two decades and also changed the industry and the dearth of information available

  11. You can craft a paper which explores information society and the way that the Internet and computer usage have influenced your local society.

  12. you can research Internet gambling and how computers have increased addictions

  13. You can explore the digital divide that exists between different generations especially those who grew up using computers and those who did not

  14. you can research Internet content filtering and pay particular attention to the methods by which certain governments filter information available to their citizens

  15. You can explain the idea of information overload and how the use of tablet devices has not only altered the neural plasticity of the brain but has led to many issues focusing among children

  16. you can research the Internet and communication

  17. you can research new technologies being developed

  18. You can research the Internet and Society

  19. You can research the Internet and current money laundering issues

  20. You can explore the history of computers

  21. you can explore the relation between the Internet and sex especially with regard to finding sex on the Internet or exploiting people on the Internet with sex

  22. You can debate the idea free-speech and how that pertains to the Internet

  23. you can research the relationship between computers and how it is changed the military

  24. You can review how digital reading has changed the brain

  25. You can explore the concept of Internet privacy and whether it should be the job of the government to oversee the information that is shared and taken from the Internet

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