Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Research Paper About Racism

Racism could be an interesting as well as useful topic for the research paper. However, it is also a sensitive subject at the same time. It is extremely important to maintain neutrality and avoid biases. Here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid.

  1. Assuming a particular skin color to be default
  2. It is not just a simple mistake but could be offensive as well. Some writers with a particular skin color take theirs as default but mention the skin color of other people or races frequently. For example, a writer with white skin tone frequently specifying the people of other color as ‘coloured’ or ‘black’ but not giving any reference to ‘white’ is not appropriate. This reflects bias even if it may not exist.

  3. Attaching ‘innocuous’ stereotypes to certain races
  4. Attributing certain adjectives to a certain race or region is not the right way of writing a paper. Even if the adjectives used are positive they distance the essence of the writing from neutrality and could also be misrepresenting. For example, using the terms like ‘beautiful Latina girls,’ generalize all the Latino females, which may not necessarily be an objective representation. No matter how harmless these stereotypes may sound, they must be avoided.

  5. Writing without appropriate research
  6. The paper should be completely objective and. This is why it is important to base them on facts than opinions. That is what the ‘research’ paper is all about. In the event when it becomes absolutely necessary to write an opinion to make it the foundation for a particular theory, it must at least be attributed to a person factually. For example, if someone from history had prejudices against a particular race and there are written evidences, you must reference them in your paper.

  7. Reflection of personal biases
  8. Again, your paper must be based on the facts and not personal prejudices for or against a race or community. It must not be evident through your writing your liking or distaste for any individual or race. Found your paper on the facts and maintain neutrality in the tone. Even if you are presenting a case for or against a topic it must be coloured in objectivity and not biases. As abovementioned, everything in your paper must be well referenced and citations should be given whenever required.

  9. Pinning one success on the entire race
  10. Assuming one person’s significant success as vital to the giant leap forward for the entire race is a common mistake. The paper must objectively outline the possible influence of the accomplishment on the future of the race. However, the writer must refrain from diminishing the lines between an individual and entire community or race.

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