List Of Excellent Research Paper Topics On Business Methods

Below you will find a list of research topics on the subject of business process and/or business methods, this list will help you write a detailed research paper on said topic and will also assist you in obtaining valuable knowledge on the importance of business processes and/or methods in the ever-changing business world:

  1. Overview/Definitions
  2. What are business methods? Give some examples of these methods. Are all processes visible to the consumer?

  3. Types Of Business processes
  4. What are the types of business processes? List and explain the processes and sub-processes involved in each of them and the role they play in the entire process. Do they work together or are they utilized in different parts of the company?

  5. Importance of the Business Method Model
  6. What are some of the changes the model facilitates within the company and to the consumer? How can these tasks be achieved?

  7. Effects On Company Efficiency
  8. How does it affect the company’s three main pillars in terms of efficiency?

    • People
    • Process
    • Technology

  9. Characteristics of a Business Methods/processes
  10. What is the importance of each characteristic stated below to the business method model? Find out which other characteristics the model has according to the definition and overview you gave.

    • Definability
    • Order/sequence
    • Customer/recipient
    • Value-addition
    • Embedment
    • Cross-functionality

  11. Business Methods Management
  12. What is Business process management? What does it involve? State the steps in the management process. What is the importance of it especially on a long term basis?

  13. Workflow
  14. Define workflow, what is its function to the model? What are some of its characteristics and what is its importance in the methods management and the model as a whole?

  15. Knowledge Management
  16. Give its definition. State its characteristics and roles.

  17. Role of Information Technology
  18. What are some of the benefits business methods have received after the advancement of Information Technology? And what are some of the practices adopted in the 21st Century as a result of this advancement. What are the effects of this advancement on workflow, knowledge management and Business Method Management?

  19. Conclusion
  20. Summarise all your findings into this paragraph, emphasize on its importance to the business environment. Focus on the roles workflow and business methods management play concerning the model and how these functions work together. What is your forecast on the subject of business methods and its management especially about the advancement of technology?

With these ten possible business method research topics, you should be able to find one that you gravitate towards and can effectively research.

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