A List of Ideas for Informative Research Paper Topics

When you write a research paper, you are committing yourself to deeply studying your chosen topic. Immersing yourself in a subject that does not interest you can be torture so pick a topic you find interesting. Spending a lot of time with a topic of your interest will not only make the job easier, but also you are learning an active process. In addition to your interest, the other ingredients of a good topic are that it should be informational, useful, and relevant to your reader(s).

  1. Sleep deprivation and its effects on the human mind.
  2. Why do we need sleep?
  3. What are 3G and 4G networks about?
  4. GPS monitoring: Are we left with any privacy?
  5. Credit cards and personal information: Is the database of all humanity collectable?
  6. Parenting methods and their impact on the growing child
  7. Introversion: Is the introverted personality more creative than the extroverted one?
  8. Why do we get nervous?
  9. Evolution: An analysis of the “missing links”
  10. Is creationism a logical belief?
  11. Did the big bang really happen?
  12. Does the Universe have a beginning?
  13. What is the relation between thinking and being?
  14. What is in positive thinking?
  15. Is competition inherent in human nature?
  16. How did the primitive human survive?
  17. Did Neanderthals and Homo sapiens exist in the same epoch? If yes, did they interact with each other?
  18. Is unemployment under control in the US?
  19. Why God exists
  20. How the female brain differs from its male counterpart.
  21. Are we a product of our collective history? What about individualism
  22. Is reliance on technology alienating humans from each other?
  23. Is wage labor a fair means of profit generation?
  24. Why World War II happened
  25. What is identity crisis?
  26. Is the Barbie doll really causing self-image issues for little girls?
  27. The genetics of genius
  28. A history of unexplained disappearances of aircrafts

These and many other topics can be the impetus for in depth study and research. If you find it difficult to settle on a topic, need more topic ideas, or other help in your writing process; you can and should ask for help. Academic writing companies are all the rage these days. Find a good one and see if your research paper writing can become less of an ordeal for you!

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