A List Of Challenging Research Paper Topics For High School Students

When it comes to research paper topics for high school students, there is definitely no end to the long list of intriguing and informative topics that students can write about. It does not matter whether the student is science inclined or in the arts world, there will always be newer and interesting topics to base academic papers on. Is the writing descriptive, definitive, narrative, or comparison? Whichever it is, there is an abundance of topics to choose from. Listed below are some good topics to get you going. They are as follows:

  1. How can domestic violence be effectively controlled?

  2. The mass media – How has it improved the society at large?

  3. Should censorship policy be embraced in terms of newspapers?

  4. Minimum wage – Analyzing determinant factors

  5. Death penalty – Should there be leniency for women?

  6. Eradicating the notion of middle and lower class citizens – Analyzing the possibilities

  7. How possible is it to build a career and still hold the family front together?

  8. Nuclear power – A necessary evil or not?

  9. Global warming – Understanding the extent of the damage

  10. What should be done to a juvenile that commits a heinous crime?

  11. Legalization of steroids – A full analysis of the issue

  12. Human rights violation – Is there hope for the less privileged?

  13. Pornography – Protecting the younger generation

  14. Felony offenders – How to effectively rehabilitate them

  15. Child marriages – Stricter measures should be put in place

These are some of the topics you can base your research paper on. In sourcing for data, make sure you only gather information that is relevant to the topic being written about. Most importantly, ensure you get your data from reputable sources, especially if you would be analyzing statistics and data. Remember, if your paper gives out misleading information to its target readers, it would surely have a negative impact on your academic scores and reputation.

Go for those topics you are passionate about and only then would enjoy researching and writing about the topic. It would also increase your chances of getting better grades. Do you still need further help in tackling your research paper? Then you should get professional help from this website. After all, when you are not convinced you would be able to effectively put together your academic work, the best possible option is to seek help in getting same done. The end result is one you would be very proud of.

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