8 Must-Know Tips On Starting A Research Paper

Most people fail not because they have poor vocabulary but simply due to inability to compose a great introduction. If only they can perfect on this area, then they can thrive in their work. If you have faced such challenges before, this is a golden opportunity for you to make a turn around. Consider these 8 significant tips.

Maintain brevity

The standard recommendation for a perfect introduction is a single paragraph. This should cover up to a maximum of six lines. Being too wordy can greatly cost you as you will ultimately end up making multiple mistakes than you actually should.

Focus on the subject matter

Wandering away from what you are required to talk about is very risky as it labels your work irrelevant. If your paper is directed to a science discipline, be sure to keep on this scope. This can only be accomplished if you have dug deep into the topic.

Employ enchanting tone

Most markers will only be motivated to read every bit of your work and award you a good grade only if there is something that captures their interest. If otherwise, your work will be mind-numbing and the lecturer may leave out the most interesting succeeding part.

Use of appropriate terminologies

Depending on which topic you have been instructed to jot about, find the most appropriate words that can form an outstanding topic.

Evoke a discussion

A thesis statement in the introductory paragraph that simply calls for a yes or no answer is the most unsuitable. Shun from it as much as you can. On the other side, use a statement that elicits an argument so that you can exhaustively support it with strong ideas in the body of the text.


This is a significant preparatory step. Before you embark on the writing, you are called upon to gather all the points and concepts you will require later in the course of writing. Jot them down on a piece of paper to avoid forgetfulness.

Conduct exhaustive exploration

You cannot craft a good start for your paper unless you have visited different germane resources such as books, magazines, journals and online websites. Do not forget to write down the information. This is the foundation of creating a good beginning.

Be original

Most audience looks for concepts that everyone else is not thinking of. This requires you to be creative. In case you want to write an obvious point, find an unparalleled way in which you can present it.

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