American History Research Paper Topics for College Students

One of the benefits of writing a research paper under the general heading of American history is that you have a vast range of topics from which to choose. You can look at it from a chronological point of view and study many aspects of early America. You can look at it from a social science point of view and look at the many topics with indigenous populations. You can study politics throughout the centuries. You can study the role of America in international conflicts such as the first and second world wars. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution afford the opportunity to write about many different topics. And the American Revolution likewise has a wide range of topics to choose from.

Being a college student and being asked to write a research paper carries with it certain responsibilities. You will be expected to show a serious degree of reading relevant material. What you write is of course important and hopefully you will stick to the topic and answer any question you have posed. But a list of references from which you have cited certain quotations will also be required.

The choice of topic you make can well determine the degree of success you have with your research paper. Do not be in a hurry to begin the project. Discuss your chosen topic with your teacher or professor to ensure that it is not something that everybody else is going to write about, that you have a strong thesis statement and that there will be a good range of relevant research material which is easy to access.

Having covered all of those places, always begin with detailed preparation which includes an outline. This will be populated with the information you intend to discuss in detail throughout your research paper. Following are some potential American history research paper topics.

  1. Discuss the rise and fall of the use of African Americans as slaves.
  2. What differences were there between constitutions in the new American states and the Constitution used elsewhere in British colonies?
  3. How has the growth of religious freedom been seen in America since European settlement?
  4. What was the impact on Native Americans when the first Europeans settled in America?
  5. What were the significant turning points in the American Revolution?
  6. Why did Britain and not France have more influence on the growth of modern America?
  7. What issues in the Constitution still cause debate today?
  8. How did America influence the outcome of both world wars?
  9. Has America won the war on drugs?
  10. What is America doing about climate change?

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